The SCHUPP area at a glance.

We do our best for high-temperature applications!

Highest precision and unconditional reliability are the standards that we apply for all of our products and systems. Only this way can we securely meet the requirements of our demanding customers – from industrial high-temperature furnace manufacturers to the dental industry and automotive industry to laboratory and research facilities - and establish partnerships that last for many years.

Essential prerequisites for evenly high quality and product properties that you can always rely on include the reproducible processes in our state-of-the-art production processes at our site in Aachen and at our production partners' sites. Trust and reliability are of the utmost importance for us in this important network as well - entirely aligned with our understanding of high-value business relationships.

Flexible and future-proof

We rely on sensible innovation when developing and modernising our plants, always keeping an eye on productivity for the benefit of our customers. We plan investments with care and conscientiously. We remain flexible and able to react in spite of all continuity. Our customers' interests take top propriety in our action. Only this will enable us to remain permanently successful in a fast-moving market environment.

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