Further high-temperature applications in the area of sintering and firing for which SCHUPP® provides products, components and systems.

Today, the outer-most border of human progress is where we perfectly control and use the highest temperatures. Controlled high-temperature processes make our world as it is: Bioceramics (medical technology), electronic passive components (MLCC & LTCC), fuel cells (SOFC) – the most innovative materials of our time are only produced under the highest temperatures.

Modern high-temperature applications must meet highest demands and the harshest conditions. We at SCHUPP® Ceramics offer economically efficient and high-quality metallic-ceramic solutions for high-temperature technologies up to 1800°C.

Examples of further application industries and process engineering:

  • Furnace manufacturer (industry and lab)
  • Ceramic injection moulding (CIM)
  • Metal injection moulding (MIM)
  • Bioceramics (medical ceramics)
  • Electronic passive components (MLCC & LTCC)
  • Catalyst honeycombs, filter ceramics and sensors (exhaust technology)
  • Soft and hard ferrites/magnets
  • Phosphorescent pigments
  • ITO targets
  • HT fuel cells (SOFC)
  • Batteries (Li and NaS)
  • HL-ceramics (watch-making and car industry)
  • Abrasives/Grinding wheels (Al2O3 und SiC)
  • Ceramic tableware/porcelain
  • Refractory materials
  • Gas turbine technology
  • Ceramic powders (oxides/non-oxides)
  • Ceramic raw materials (clays, fireclays)
  • Sensor technology (NOX, O2)
  • HIP technology


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