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UltraVac production by SCHUPP® Ceramics


SCHUPP® Ceramics produces PCW tubes and other geometries in our own production line. The vacuum formed parts are selled  under the name UltraVac. This enables us to offer and manufacture complete insulation sets under one roof.

How are vacuum formed parts actually made?

The polycrystalline mullite/alumina wool (PCW) builds the basis for the formed shapes.

The result is determined by the combination of raw materials in the respective recipe. To achieve the right quality, the ratio of PCW fibers, water, temperature and processing time must be exactly adjusted.

The shaping is done using a sieve. This is dipped into the basin with the suspension. The component is shaped by a vacuum pump until the desired wall thickness is achieved. The water can escape through the sieve of the mold. This creates the wet blank. This is already in its rough shape, but it is still unstable.

In the further processing steps, the blank is dried and then processed.

In this way we can produce individual and specific single pieces or series for electrically heated high-temperature applications up to 1700°C application temperature.

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