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Tips in handling with intermetallic heating elements of molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2)

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MolyCom® heaters are quite brittle at room temperature and should be handled with extreme caution.

First use:

At first use a slow heat up to temperatures between 1300°C and 1600°C (4 to 5-hour hold time) in an empty furnace under air atmosphere is recommended. This procedure allows a creation of a protective glass layer on the surface of heaters. Due to processing at high temperature, the protective layer of pure quartz will wear off in time. Therefore, this kind of firing can be applied repeatedly for regeneration of heating elements.

In combination with other molybdenum disilicide heaters:

MolyCom® heaters are fully compatible with the elements of comparable qualities from other manufacturers and can also be used simultaneously with them.

In combination with older molybdenum disilicide heaters:

MoSi2-heating elements from Schupp Ceramics® have an excellent durability against aging. That is why the replacement of single used or damaged heaters by new single MolyCom® heaters can be done without any hesitation. It is not necessary to replace the whole set of heaters in your furnace.

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