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PTCR ZTH: Optimum quality assurance even below 660°C

PTCR-ZTH in einem Mikrometer


The newest member of the PTCR family is there! Optimise your furnace parameters with the new Process Temperature Control Ring ZTH in the temperature range from 560°C to 660°C. PTCR ZTH is currently the only ceramic product that precisely shows the heat input below 660°C!

The new ring completes the six already existing ring types. It has been developed for fast firing processes and it shows the heat input already after 5 minutes (up to maximally 120 minutes) in the furnace and provides an optimal quality assurance thanks to the short reaction time.

As usual, PTCR ZTH can also be used under various furnace atmospheres such as air, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon or vacuum. In the case of non-oxidizing atmospheres, the rings have to be pre-fired with a special firing curve. We will gladly to take over this for you. Contact us!

  • Perfect for fast firings (from 5 to maximally 120 minutes hold time)
  • Recording of the heat input in the new temperature range from 560°C to 660°C
  • 100% synthetic raw materials
  • Sustainable quality assurance (ISO 9001: 2015)

Download data sheet ZTH

Download Manual PTCR


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