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Processing of the insulation boards


Video: SCHUPP® Ceramics

The PCW-based fibre material from SCHUPP® Ceramics can be cut with standard woodworking machines such as band saws, circular saws, drills, etc.

Technical safety equipment, such as a suction device, must be available during processing. The personal protection equipment is also very important. A dust mask and safety glasses should be worn when processing the fibre material.

The bonding of the insulating UltraBoard is possible with Fiberplast C 1800 D. The single-component adhesive ready for use by SCHUPP® Ceramics is easy to application. FiberPlast hold reliably and permanently at application temperatures up to 1750°C after it has been air-dried under light pressure for 24 h.

On request, we can pre-fire the insulation boards to avoid the later shrinkage and to burn out the organic binders. Due to this heat-treatment, our insulation materials keep the dimensions very well and additionally, there is no unpleasant odour at the customer when first using the furnace with the new lining. For specific cuts, the material at SCHUPP® Ceramics is always pre-fired.

You can see further details on handling the insulation boards in our MolyTec video.

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