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HOT – HOTTER – MolyCom®-Hyper 1900


With the new electric heating element MolyCom®-Hyper 1900 you can reach even higher temperatures.

This electric heating element is made of the high purity intermetallic compound molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) with ceramic additives, like the previous qualities. However, because of the higher density, MolyCom®-Hyper 1900 can be used at application temperatures of up to 1.800 °C and the firing cycle can be shortened by increasing the heating rate.

Another special feature is that MolyCom®-Hyper 1900 permits discolouration-free sintering of zirconia, even at application temperatures above 1.600 °C.

Your benefits with MolyCom®-Hyper 1900:

  • Element temperature up to 1.850 °C, application temperature up to 1.800 °C
  • Higher heating rates up to 200 K/min
  • Discolouration-free sintering of zirconia up to 1.650 °C

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