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Ceramic adhesive for high-temperature applications

With the newly developed FiberPlast 1800PRO permits reliable bonding or coating of fibre-based ceramic materials - such as insulation boards. The single-component adhesive ready for use by SCHUPP® Ceramics is particularly easy to process and will hold reliably and permanently at Application temperatures up to 1750°C. The plastic adhesive is made of polycrystalline mullite/alumina wool (PCW) with added inorganic binders and specifically coordinated additives. Thanks to the improved formulation, the density has been increased while the viscosity remained the same, which led to less shrinkage and cracking during the drying process.

Your benefits with the new FiberPlast 1800PRO:

  • Bonded or coated ceramic fibre-based parts
  • For permanently safe connections
  • Application temperatures up to 1750°C
  • Single-component adhesive ready for use and easy to process
  • Made of polycrystalline mullite/alumina wool (PCW)
  • Also for repairs and maintenance work
  • Low drying shrinkage

We will gladly develop special high-temperature masses, such as adhesives or coatings, together with you to suit your requirements.


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