Manfred Herweg controls the electrical heating elements in an industrial furnace.

Intermetallic heating elements of molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) and customised electric heating systems.

Professional. Reliable. Individual. Industry standard, extra high-purity demands or particular oxidation resistance – SCHUPP® Ceramics provides electric heating elements for any requirements you may have.

Our heating systems ready for installation are produced tailor-made according to the customer’s requirements. They are used in demanding production and research environments.

In addition to this, we supply matching accessories, such as element holders, contact straps, air nozzles and passage bricks for your electric heating elements.



Electric heating elements (MoSi2) up to 1820°C element temperature

MolyCom®-Ultra corresponds to the industry standard and is perfectly suitable for high-temperature applications with application temperatures up to 1750°C.

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High purity electric heating elements (MoSi2) for an element temperature of up to 1850°C

MolyCom®-Hyper is the solution for particularly high-purity demands and optimal for high-temperature applications with application temperatures up to 1800°C.

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Electric heating systems (MoSi2 + PCW) up to 1550°C application temperature

MolyTec is a combination of electric heating elements (MoSi2) and insulation boards or shapes (PCW). These systems are available as heating panels, cylinders, half shells or in other geometries.

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MolyCom® accessories

Element holders, contact straps and many other products

Connect MoSi2-heating elements with our accessories. Make use of our broad product range.

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